Adress (General enquiries)

Herrenberger Str. 40
72070 Tübingen

Adress (Applications)

Herrenberger Str. 40
72070 Tübingen

General Enquiries
Bewerbung bewerbungen[at]



Advice for hall enquiries:

In case of enquiries with regards to use of our hall, please ensure that the following points are taken into consideration as to allow the Committee for Culture and Leisure to answer your question accordingly:

  • Who is the event organiser?
  • Is there already a contact person in the Fichtehaus who is helping to organise the event in question? (If not, a suitable contact will be found)
  • Is the event planned to take place in more than 2 weeks time? (If not, it cannot be guaranteed that a response will be given in time)
  • Is an entry fee required for the event and if so at what price?
  • How will the event be promoted (flyers, posters, internet etc.) and how many people are expected?
  • Will the light and sound system of the Fichthaus be needed?
  • Only applicable for the winter: Will the hall need to be heated?

It is generally expected that residents of the Fichtehaus are entitled to free entry to events taking place in the hall.

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