Supporting Association and Management of the Fichtehaus

The Fichtehaus was erected in 1961-1963 by the Gemeinnützigen Verein zur Förderung studentischen Lebens e.V. Tübingen, an association promoting student living, as a student hall of residence. This initiative came from a group of people, several of which were members of the anthroposophist student society, who felt connected to the anthroposophy of Rudolf Steiner. The majority of those who helped establish this house were former students and a few temporarily also resided here. To this day, the lawful owner of the Fichtehaus is the Gemeinnützige Verein zur Förderung studentischen Lebens e.V. Management is chosen by the steering committee of this association together with the residents of the house whilst life in the house is shaped by those living here and the management team through self-administration. Both the management of the house and the steering committee of the aforementioned association stand for the continuity of the house and are responsible for its permanence as well as for the fostering of an anthroposophist life.

The management of the house is a member of the supporting association and participates in the meetings of the steering committee, meetings of the house, the finance committee and the plenary meeting of the house.

The community spirit is shaped by the residents themselves.

The following people are in the steering committee of the supporting association (January 2016):

Christoph Huck
Johannes Schneider
David Martin
Christoph Jaffke
Und Gerhard Wolberg

Management of the house: Rob Kiviet

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