Basic Principle


Basic Principle


The Johann-Gottlieb-Fichtehaus in Tübingen is an independent self-administered grassroots democratic student hall of residence with anthroposophist roots. The community consists of young, pro-active people who want to create a space for mutual appreciation, sustainability, music, culture and conversation.

The residents are given the opportunity and responsibility, both on their floor and in the house, to contribute to the way of life here. The house should thereby be a space of ideas, wishes, self-reflection, safety and help guide you onto the right path whilst also providing a platform for you to try out new things.

The house offers a creative, learning and anthroposophist environment as well as the opportunity to step into a multi-disciplinary discourse with others. To foster this, all residents are invited to participate in literature groups, talks, working groups and other cultural events on offer.

In sum, the house has made it its aim to encourage the creation of a diverse student life.

The house is supported by the Verein zur Förderung studentischen Lebens e.V., an association dedicated to enhancing student living.

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