Welcome to the Homepage of the Johann-Gottlieb-Fichte-Haus

We are an independently-run, self-administered and managed student hall of residence located in the centre of Tübingen.

If you are interested in applying, you can find out more about the application process here. In case you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask us in advance. Unfortunately, all rooms are currently occupied for the winter semester 19/20.

 Who we are:

If you see the friendly-looking yellow house from the street, climb up the stairs and heave open the entrance door, you will find yourself situated in the middle of the Fichtehaus: an independently-run student hall of residence with anthroposophist roots.

Here in the Fichtehaus we all live under the same roof- the ‘we’ refers to approximately 69 students. Has your curiosity been awakened? If so, we invite you to a viewing of the house and the opportunity for you to get to know its residents!

To begin, you will find the flat located on the ground floor. Here is where our older inhabitants reside. They’re normally approached if parcels need collecting or words of wisdom are needed (not forgetting the potential use of their bathtub).

Most of the Fichten (the alternative name for our residents) need to overcome the climb of several more steps. The Fichten are divided between six floors, with floors of twelve students being situated on the West side and floors of nine students on the East side. The colourful atmosphere that life on these floors has to offer is best experienced when you’re there!

Finally there is the fourth floor. Here is where three brave Fichten try to balance life with the noise of the studious people working in the library and the liveliness of those partying in the cafeteria.

Together we are the Fichtehaus: a house in which we love, laugh, cook, learn, cry, fight, eat, sleep, read, party- in short, live. Come on in! We look forward to meeting you!


Fichtehaus during summer:

Fichtehaus during fall:

Fichtehaus during winter:



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